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Kaida Meyume
Artist | Student | Digital Art


Good Day~
I'm Kaida~ You can call me Kaida. ( ゚ヮ゚)
I like MMD and various anime/manga...and ice cream!
I speak English and Japanese, and I'm familiar with Spanish, and French, but I'm not fluent! If you can speak English, we'll have a much easier time, haha. lD


For commission/request/trade info see here.

Current Projects:
Models: America (OC), Re-doing the Aikietsu siblings' models (Humanloids)
Drømme Stage 2: Selphie Arc (drawing phases~)
(followed by Calimari Arc (California and a little bit of Himari), Murasaki Arc, Arc of Iev (Isabelle), Himari Bonus Arc, and Eternal Arc (Cream))


.:i!:About Me:!i:.

Favourite Fiction Characters: Neferpitou, Shinobu (Oshino), Takatsuki Sen, Yui Goidou, SeeU~
Personal Quote: "Wit beyond measure is Man's greatest treasure."

DeviantART | PatreonPixiv | Instagram | Twitter | Blog | Art Blog | Youtube
Wait, we usually get to use skins for DA's birthday, right? I wonder if this will work...?
So uh...since New Year's I got a full time job at a printing company. That's p rad. But other than that not much has changed since those six months before 2015.
During New Year's post I wrote

「And, if I may wish for something a bit more selfish, this year I hope that I can come to a place where I am satisfied with life. Up to this point it's always been me trying to get through the next pre-planned steps, not really enjoying the ride but going with it because it's what I had to do.」

in regards to wishes for the new year but lolololol I'm still right at that spot. Maa, we've moved forward a little bit, I'd say. At the very least I don't have to ask my abusers for money anymore. I also had the satisfaction of saying no when I was asked for money once. It felt amazing. Even more amazing have been the times when they ask if I have enough money for the plans I make and I can always reply "yes" with confidence. aaAA, how long I've waited for these days. So un, there are times I can enjoy this now. But the main drawback is still know? Maa, if all goes well and things continue as they are now I'll be moving out in January, so I'm excited for that if that lasts. Something always gets in the way when it comes to these things though so I won't get my hopes up, I say with high hopes...quietsobbing.

TONIKAKU, I know I haven't posted much since December but I feel like the quality is slowly rising ehehe. And even so, work doesn't give me much free time...I pretty much only have 6-10pm each day to myself...and I should -prooobably- use some of that time to eat...and...desperately grasp what little is left of my social liFe...quietsobbing.

Also, I hate DA's policy on art theft so that kind of deters me from posting things here. Like, I still post MMD stuff but pretty much everything either on Pixiv (drawings), Instagram (photos, sketches), or my art if you're really into my stuff please follow me there~ DA is still the place I have the most followers (though...tumblr is catching up ahaha) so I'll still post things here just...not...things that took more than a couple hours because I don't want them stolen so easily.

aaAA, this turned into a bit of a ramble, chotto gomen. De, I'll sign off again like I did last time,

Kore kara mo yoroshiku onegaishimasu...!!
Thank-you for putting up with me through the years and I hope you'll continue to do so~
Llama Emoji-05 (Flower Sparkles) [V1] 

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